How to Use Local Google Mapping As a Free Small Internet Marketing Strategy

Google Mapping is a fantastic method of generating web exposure and attracting local prospects. Your potential business revenue could come from residents or employees in your local area looking for your type of business or service. Google mapping is having your business show up on a Google map with a balloon type icon that displays your business information such as name, address and number.Your business doesn’t have to be just a brick and mortar to appear in Google maps. Any service oriented as well as product offering business can be marketed on Google maps, such as a Real estate agent, tax preparer, plumber, electrician, loan officer, attorney, dentist or even dog walker. If you have any type of service or business to offer, then getting found on local searches is a must.Since Yellow Page usage is way down, people are turning to finding local businesses online. People are searching in different ways. One example is if you’re a dentist in Annapolis, and a resident of Annapolis is looking for a dentist. Typically, they may search for “Annapolis dentist” or they may just enter the word “dentist” and their zip code next to it, e.g. “dentist 21401″.Getting listed in the top rankings of Google maps takes some effort and there’s no guarantee of being listed in the top rankings. Google business mapping only lists a certain number of results on the first page. For example, they may only list 5,6 or 7 Google map results and anything above the first 5 you would have to click on the “see more” link.So, obviously you want to try and do everything possible to obtain as high a ranking as possible.Here are 5 Google mapping tips to help you increase your chances of getting in the top rankings of Google Maps:1. Enhance your Google profile by adding a detailed description.
2. Add images.
3. Add a video if possible.
4. Optimize your Listing for certain keywords you want to be found for.
5. Get someone to review your business.
6. Add a coupon if possible.

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